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The Vault Archive

 This innovative data storage solution is changing the face of archiving security surveillance data. No longer will companies have to worry about their security system's data being overwritten due to lack of space. Vault Data offers up to 3 years of space on ProActive's external hard drive and unlimited space via the cloud.

Long Term storage

Meet any storage requirement at a fraction of the cost!


Add to your old and new clients without having to replace equipment!

Cloud Storage

Affordable cloud solutions to meet any budget.

Over 500 Million Videos have been archived.  Protect your Clients Today! 


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Pulse Monitoring

 With Pulse Monitoring, ProActive has the capability for 24/7 monitoring on each security camera. If a camera goes down or has a malfunction, ProActive will be alerted immediately and the client will be notified via text or email, insuring that all systems are being used properly.

Full System Monitoring 

monitor any and all devices on the network.  you and your client can KNOW in real time of any failure

Customizable Alert System

Set filters per device to ELIMINATE false alerts.

Full System Reports

receive automated system reports. covering the full spectrum of all integrated security and it's INFRASTRUCTURE. 

Take Your Client Retention to an ALL TIME HIGH!