Where We Come From


We are a group of individuals that all started our careers in the integration business.  Our deep level of understanding of how hard it is to not only build a relationship, but keep it, is what truly drives Proactive Data Storage and Monitoring.  Our passion and understanding of top tier support and customer relations is what makes us different.   

In August 2016, ProActive was born out of the necessity to fill a gap in the industry that has long been ignored. Now that the technology and hardware have become a commodity and available to all, integrators across the world have lost the ability to be competitive. 

Our idea started in 2012 when Tom Maggio and Software Developer Michael Biordi made a commitment to never disappoint clients again, due to the technology either failing or simply overwriting. The truth as we all know, is there can be a thousand reasons for a client to not have their video ( for example, camera failure, hard drive failure, overwritten data, and internet loss).  The question is,  as an integrator, how good are we at explaining it, so we don't run the risk of losing that client. 

Allow us to introduce ourselves!


Tom Maggio


Tom Maggio is a self driven and unstoppable  entrepreneur  in the security systems industry. Having worked in the industry as a security system installer since he was 12 years old, Tom traveled across the country and lived in various states learning the ins and outs of the security industry. Tom has personally trained hundreds of sales and installations staff through his career. In 2006 he launched CCTV Services, and for over eleven years, has grew his business into a fully trusted organization, with over 40 employees. As an integrator himself, he recognized the need for affordable and reliable solutions.    In 2012 Tom Maggio and Michael Biordi created their first version of Health Monitoring.  With their system aiding in the Boston Bombing Tom Maggio received accommodations from the FBI.  Tom partnered with Michael Biordi in 2016 and started Proactive Data Storage and Monitoring to revolutionize the surveillance industry and the capabilities of video monitoring and storage.

Michael Biordi


Michael Biordi is a pioneering artist with hints of true genius behind the subtle appearance of his humble disposition. He's a software developer, music producer, and co-owner of ProActive Data Storage and Monitoring. He earned a Bachelor’s degree at Five Towns College and has an accomplished background in music production. His innate desire to create software applications within the I.T. industry, propelled him to collaborate with Tom Maggio in developing software under CCTV Services Inc. Michael is the lead developer of ProActive’ s software product line, and has the technical prowess to deliver real world results.