What is it called when the video you need finds you?

Proactive AI!

Powered by IronYun AI,  the industry’s first deep-learning-based video search Network Video Recorder (NVR) built for the video surveillance industry. Proactive AI has built-in artificial intelligence software and high-performance NVIDIA GPU hardware for fast, real-time video search.

Proactive AI is a breakthrough solution to the video surveillance industry’s chronic pain of searching for objects of interest from hours of video big data. Locating the needle in the haystack of Terabytes of video data though months and years of recording has never been easier with Proactive AI.

Receive Real Time Alerts when there is something going on you need to no about.  For example, slip and falls, loitering, no parking zones, Firearms, weapons, wildlife and so much more.  If your cameras see something YOU deem important the Proactive AI will let you know. 

Odoo CMS - a big picture
Odoo CMS - a big picture


AI search engine interface is intuitive and based on easy-to-use natural language interface. Search engine keywords include many types of vehicles (cars, buses, motorbikes, bicycles), people, faces, color, animals (dogs, cats, etc.) and number of objects (e.g. video scenes with 4 cars.

Proactive AI is intended to be used with the Proactive Data Storage and Monitoring Solution and is agnostic with existing NVRs or IP cameras. Proactive AI can also be deployed as a stand alone unit.

Proactive AI can perform AI based object detection and recognition directly from IP camera RTSP streams. Using standard RTSP H.264 video streams files can be received from any source. Including The extracted image meta data will be stored in Proactive AI for fast retrieval and viewing.

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