Solutions Designed to do 1 thing!

Ensure you have your video when you need it, without fail!

Vault Essential

An essential Piece of every SURVEILLANCE system

Vault Essential is our standard line.  Designed to fit any and all needs and budgets.  This onsite storage server starts with the "necessities in mind" and can be scaled up.  

Vault Professional

The most effective and efficient way to archive video

Vault Professional takes your video archiving to a new world.  Offering full 24/7 recording while your existing device still records on motion.  Designed to be scaled and reliable while offering the most robust solution on the market.

Vault Enterprise

The proactive software meets enterprise hardware

Vault Enterprise is our top of the line.  Using top of the line enterprise grade hardware, we offer an unmatched level of redundancy out of the box. Designed for larger systems, the Enterprise line can be scaled to fit any need for the smallest system to the most locked down networks with hundreds of cameras

Pulse Monitoring 

Real time alerting system 

Pulse Monitoring is designed with a single purpose.  If ANY device fails our software will alert all parties immediately.  Allowing for true customization, any size integrator and/or end user to take full advantage of there system.  Never have to need your surveillance system, to find out the one camera you needed was down again.  Pulse Monitoring comes with ALL our Proactive Data Storage and Monitoring solutions!

Retrieve and Store

Never look for video again!

Retrieve and Store is meant to allow end users and security companies to focus on their business.   Simply send a request with time, date, and camera numbers, and we will not only retrieve and provide the requested video, we will store that event forever!

Yes we mean forever!