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 The Industry's Dark Secret

 A recent study “The Value of CCTV Surveillance Cameras as an Investigative Tool: An Empirical Analysis” analyzing 251,195 crimes between 2011 and 2015. Shows scary facts and a look inside the reality of the effectiveness of security cameras and the footage needed to assist in investigations.

  • 55% of the video was simply not there.  This was mostly due to device failure, such as cameras signal loss, hard drive failure, DVR/NVR failure, ect. 

  • 16% of the video was not there due to poor installation and setup

  • 29% of the video was present and was admitted for evidence.  

Out of 251,195 crimes:

72,847 crimes had the video to present in court. 

178,348 DID NOT!!



System Failure Alerts

Filtered health monitoring, alerting you when there is a problem, without the flooding of your email. 

Triple Level Redundancy

 DVR/NVR Storage, Local Compression Server, And Cloud

Minimum Bandwidth Requirements

.7 mps upload speed required per 16 cameras at 1080p




Using the RTSP (real time streaming protocol) has allowed us to be compatible with all technologies. 


Storage designed to meet the needs of your clients.  For on and offsite storage, the options are up to you.  3 month, 6 month, 1 year, 2 year 3 year, and beyond.  Each system we design to order, based on your clients needs

Cloud Redundancy

All your cloud data is stored with your choice of Google or AWS. 

Two Programs Working as One 



The Vault

Video archiving

The Proactive solution uses Vault Data Storage, which is our patented technology that takes large video files, and converts them to small data files, effectively backing-up and storing your Surveillance Systems Video Data in the cloud. The size of the these files make it more affordable then ever to store your video short and long term without being overwritten, or lost due to hardware failure.

The Vault Storage Solution stores your video simultaneously as your existing recording device, therefore you are recording your video in two separate places at the same time.  


Pulse Monitoring

health check monitoring

Pulse Monitoring is the stethoscope to security cameras. If a system fails, ProActive receives an alert on their monitor board. The client receives a text or email depending on the service they acquired. The client is instructed to call ProActive immediately to notify when their security system is down. ProActive will work swiftly to correct the problem. Clients are able to view their system's network in the CRM. Why Pulse Monitoring? Pulse Monitoring alerts both ProActive and the client when the system is down. If the camera fails, the system will not record data from the time of its failure. This can be a liability for future data search procedures. This sort of health checking of systems is a necessity for all camera surveillance systems. It's a pivotal service in order to determine effectiveness and accommodates Vault Storage Data.




Proactive Vault Storage